How I Waste A Moment

by Jeremy Audet

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January 2014.

I began writing this album, inking every note and every lyric down slowly, at the pace that was given to me. See, songs aren't made to be written, in my opinion, as original creations, but are however discoveries, and you have to let the harmonies, the words, the instrumental, the emotion, come to you raw and slowly mix itself together to become what you write and sing and play.

I let these songs come to me, slowly, surely, as the steps of my life passed, as changes occurred, as emotions pushed through my body left and right and as I began to understood the fundamentals of my own purpose.

August 2016.

Two and a half years later, after countless hours of writing, trying, practicing, restarting, recording, producing, arranging, and listening, I come out of that time with eleven songs. I began with well over fifty, and feel that these eleven represent best my musical and emotional experience of the past two and a half years.

The album release at the Café British in Aylmer was absolutely mind-blowing. The amount of you guys and girls who came to listen and watch me perform these songs with the band was amazing and I must admit I was left speechless for the most part.

I do this to inspire, and to have people come out to see me play, and buy my albums in such a flux as you all did and still do, is heartwarming. It is true joy. I poured my heart and blood out on this album, and have been working on it for so long, so thank you. Thank you everyone who has listened, everyone who has supported, everyone who has showed up to one of the shows, everyone who has said "good job Jer" and etc. I love you all, you are all, to me, the reason I do this. The reason I continue, and the reason I am happy.

To the next one,



released August 4, 2016

Amélie Bourgeois (Cello: "A Long Way", "Janus", "Black Water", "Your House", "The Great Pursuit")
Avery Sturgeon (Electric guitar: "A Light Year")
Magali Gavazzi-April (Violins: "The Great Pursuit")

Emmanuel Racine for the amazing live support. Avery Sturgeon for backing bass and guitars live. Amazing job, boys. Catherine Capkun-Huot for letting me use her piano on "Carry It On".



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Jeremy Audet Ottawa, Ontario

19 year old multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Gaspé, Canada.

"The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences." Jon Krakauer.

I write, arrange, and record all my own tracks in my home studio. Creating music for myself and others to enjoy brings me happiness.

Inspired by Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Mark Foster, Gregory Alan Isakov, etc.

To inspire.
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